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We provide a variety of services to help patients find relief from various sleep disorders


Patient “At Home” Service

Our clinic offers bulk billed at-home overnight ambulatory investigations for sleep apnea and associated sleep

Employment Assessments

For those requiring an assessment for their employer, Western Sydney Clinic Offers the following.Pre-Employment: Nocturnal

Sleep Lab

Western Sleep Clinic offers hospital-based overnight studies for individuals experiencing complex sleep disorders. These studies

Newly Diagnosed

Western Sleep Clinic offers support to newly diagnosed patients through treatment introduction / titration and

Existing CPAP Users

We offer reviews of CPAP/APAP treatment efficacy. WSC also offers commercial driver licence reviews and
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Relieving Doctors Of This Complex Task.

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Our treatments commence promptly; for fast effective patient outcomes.

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A specific "patient-centric" focus on treatment maintenance & compliance.

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Regularly scheduled patient review, to ensure ongoing treatment efficacy.

Service & Maintenance

Simultaneous scheduled equipment service And maintenance at no additional cost.

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